Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Nowadays we always have an issue how to simplify the organization training, it is kind of hard to gather people one at a just for them to attend the training session. Dont worry Kamar Teknologi Indonesia have solution for this. we called it Learning Management System
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LMS Features

User Side Features

  • Dashboard

    in Dashboard where the Employee can see all the summary activity and course in general.

  • Course List Information

    this is standard features for our system, we have the Course List Information.

  • Track the Training Progress

    Educators and learners can track progress and completion with an array of options for tracking individual activities or resources and at course level.

  • Self Development Program

    we also can integrate the portal function for self development program initiative.

  • Dynamic Certification Modul

    We can setup 1 Certification Template for all user training activity.

Admin Features

  • Customisable site design and layout

    Easily customise a Moodle theme with your logo, colour schemes and much more - or simply design your own theme.

  • Secure authentication and mass enrolment

    Over 50 authentication and enrolment options to add and enrol users to your Moodle site and courses.

  • Multilingual capability

    Allow users to view course content and learn in their own language, or set it up for multilingual users and organisations.

  • Supports open standards

    Readily import and export IMS-LTI, SCORM courses.

  • High interoperability

    Freely integrate external applications and content or create your own plugin for custom integrations.

Our Sample Work

LMS Portal

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Course Topic


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